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Image of Dr. Sydney Soares smiling in front of plants | Animal Chiropracter in Niagara Region

Health and Happiness for hands, hooves, and paws

Large and Small Animal Chiropractic Care

Meet Sydney

Certified Human & Animal Chiropractor

Dr. Sydney Soares is a licensed Human and Animal Chiropractor. She treats animals of all shapes and sizes in the Muskoka, Parry Sound, and Nipissing Districts. Mobile and in clinic appointments are both available.

Dr. Sydney Soares equine chiropracter in Muskoka, with horse.

What is animal chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is a conservative health care profession for you and your furry friends. Animal chiropractors use manual therapy and spinal manipulation to restore musculoskeletal motion and improve pain. Chiropractors focus on your animals spine, muscles, joints and nervous system. There are many treatment options that you can discuss with your practitioner. Animal chiropractic treatment primarily focuses on dogs and horses; although various other species can be treated such as cats and rabbits to name a few.


Your veterinarian is always your animals primary health care practitioner. Animal Chiropractic is complementary to and does not replace routine veterinary care. Collaboration is encouraged when necessary. To become an animal chiropractor in Canada you must be certified through an accredited body. In Canada the only program certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association is at the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre in Paris, ON.

Dr. Sydney Soares, animal chiropractor in Muskoka Region, with dog.
Wild Horses in Black & White | Dr. Sydney Soares | Animal Chiropracter in Niagara Region


The differences in how both my horses felt physically and psychologically after Dr. Sydney’s session was undeniable! Sydney’s compassion and natural feel for the horses is obvious, as she effectively identifies sore areas and works through them, all while creating a calm and content environment for the animal. Sydney has beautiful horsemanship and an abundance of knowledge. I wholeheartedly trust Dr. Sydney and would recommend her to services to anyone! 

- Paige S

“I have a border collie mix who has loads of energy and is always running and jumping around. Because of that he’s had some bumps and bruises. More recently his shoulder has been bugging him and he was avoiding jumping all together. So I took him to get assessed by Sydney. He was comfortable with her right away - he’s usually a bit fussy with people. He had some restricted movement and discomfort in his right shoulder. After two sessions he was moving better and back to his usual self. I will definitely take him to see Sydney again the next time I notice his movement patterns change.”

- Olivia H

Had my first appointment with Dr. Sydney today. Felt like I had known her forever. She was personable but got right into my treatment at the same time. Thorough, to the point, knowledgeable and so kind. Great experience, great at what she does.

- Tia B

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All animals deserve the best we can give.

Ready to take your animal's health and wellness to the next level? Dr. Sydney is here to help. 

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